VW Grand California

VW Grand California

From $159,000+orc

Some call it the ‘travel bug’. Others a ‘yearning for adventure’. Whatever you call it: You can quench your desire for unknown destinations and independence on a grand scale with the Grand California.

Kitted out as a fully equipped holiday home, its big brother now offers even more. More space. More comfort. More freedom.

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Volkswagen Grand California dual gas hobs
Volkswagen Grand California interior, kitchen & living space
Volkswagen Grand California rear bed fold down

Explore freedom on a grand scale.

Volkswagen Grand California 600 & 680 driving
European landscape with small town

The Grand California

Volkswagen Grand California 600 profile render

Grand California 600

From $159,000+orc
Sleeps two adults and two children with a separate kitchen and bathroom for those extras comforts.
Volkswagen Grand California 680 profile render

Grand California 680

From $163,000+orc
Sleeps two adults on a Olympic queen size bed, with extra cabin room to relax.

About the Grand California

Features & Design

Whether you’re at home or away exploring New Zealand, the Grand California is the ideal camper van to be your home away from home.

Ready for Adventure?

Get to know your Grand California better with our tips and tricks videos that walk you through the clever features and details.
You can see the full YouTube playlist here.

Volkswagen Grand California control panel
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Main Control Panel

Volkswagen Grand California electric battery charging cable
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Volkswagen Grand California wet room
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Internal Shower

Volkswagen Grand California rear bed
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Rear Bed

Home away from home

The Grand California includes all the modern features to keep you comfortable, wherever your journey make take you. Including heating and air conditioning to keep the interior temperature just right, a sophisticated lighting design for a luxurious feel, and sockets so you can stay fully charged and in touch with friends and family. 

Stay relaxed during busy adventures with advanced safety features.

The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Grand California ensure more driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations very well or even avoid them*. Even if you only notice this technology on rare occasions, it feels good to know that it is there.

*Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver’s responsibility of the vehicle.

The sensor-based side protection system monitors the vehicle sides and provides visual and audible warnings if they get too close to pillars, walls or pedestrians.

The “Lane Assist” lane departure warning system counter-steers if the vehicle begins to leave its lane unintentionally, whilst simultaneously alerting the driver with a warning sound and notification on the multifunction display.

As a sub-function of the Electronic Stability Control program, the Cross Wind Assist function helps you to maintain control of the vehicle during strong blustery crosswinds by automatically braking the wheels.

The ACC adaptive cruise control system automatically adapts the vehicle’s speed to that of the car in front, maintaining the distance set by the driver. Includes the “Front Assist” area monitoring system.

  • Electromechanical power steering
  • “Front Assist” area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking System
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Optional tyre pressure monitoring system
    Driver Alert System
  • Optional front fog lights with integrated static cornering light function
    Light and Sight package
  • Hill Descent Assist
  • Hill Start Assist

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